Saturday 29 July 2023

Dream of a night : "A terrific journey"

    It was a Sunday afternoon and I was on my way to Howrah from Home. I was getting late for the train and running towards the platform to catch it. Even after such a struggle, I could not catch the train. The next train was in the night and I did not have any reserved ticket for that train. So I decided to travel by Bus.

    I went to the bus stand and took the ticket. The Bus was supposed to leave the stand around 9PM in the evening. I had my dinner and entered into the Bus. I was enjoying songs from my mobile phone. It was around 11 PM, when a tall man wake me up and I shouted why someone disturbed me. I heard him saying it was his seat. What? How it is possible? How can I be in a wrong bus. I showed my ticket to the conductor and told that I am in the right bus. After a long spat with the conductor, I was convinced that I was in a different bus, which was going to Tata instead of Howrah. The conductor told that the bus depot has buses with same number, like OR22-A-6175, OR22-E-6175 and OR22-V-6175 from the same owner.

    Having such a long spat with the conductor, he forced me to get down from the bus in the mid night, on a small bus stop, somewhere on the route in Mayurbhanja district. With very weak telephone signal and no internet, I was unable to locate myself. Totally clueless, I was searching for some help and to my help there was a small beetle shop opened, serving the last customer for the night.

    I told my whole story and the mental trauma that I was going through. He told that all the buses to Howrah has passed the location and no direct bus was available to Howrah. It was the time, when I noticed a Volvo bus was coming. The shopkeeper suggested me to catch the bus and get down at the nearest railway station, which was nearly 70KM from there. Just to avoid any more wrong travel, I sat in the cabin, beside the helper.

     After a few stops, when I looked back inside the bus, I found no seats inside. There were few passengers inside, all seating on the mat spread on the floor, few goats, a bicycle, a bike.
In one of the stops, the biker just jumped out of the bus with his bike. I got frightened, as there was no wall in the bus, instead only curtains hanging from top. On the way, one-by-one, all the passengers got down from the bus and there were only 3 of us, the driver, helper and me.

     The fear was worsening and I was holding my breathe. Now came the dawn and the sun started rising above the horizon , when I saw one of my school friends on the road with his bicycle. It seemed like I got back my life, when he told that I am on the right way and he was there for picnic with family.

     Within next 20 minutes, the bus entered a town and dropped me at the railway station. The last thing that I remember that, I was running towards the station with an almost empty water bottle in my hand.

Note:- A true dream with very little changes to fit into a blog.

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